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Our show is about education over sales, planning over products.  Our show’s focus is on protecting assets first and foremost with a secondary objective of growth.  Lastly, our show will narrow in on the importance of income over assets with an emphasis on real-life planning, not just traditional, historical “rules” of investing.

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Our Goal

To educate our listeners on the foundation on which our financial future lie. We want our listeners to be informed of not only the standard rules for investing but how to invest based on the uncertain world around us. The financial waters are unchartered, and we want our listeners to be prepared – not scared. Being aware of potential pitfalls allow our listeners to be proactive in their finances, not reactive!

Contributors to
Another Money Show

J.R. Rotchford joined his family’s business, Rotchford & Associates, in 1998 after serving in the U.S. Air Force, graduating from ASU and working for a newspaper and then an elevator company for a short period of time.  J.R. was also well known in the valley for his more than twenty years of country dance instruction!  Working with his father Stuart for eleven years, he was groomed to continue the family practice and has experienced the peaks and valleys of the financial services industry for going on a quarter of a century now!  His experiences have benefited clients of all walks of life and with three sons, is pleased to ensure the family practice is here for future generations.

J.R. Rotchford

In 2018, Anthony Carrao became the 4th generation of the family business after leaving behind a career as an Industrial Engineer. Anthony now uses his knowledge base in strategic planning and cost savings initiatives for individuals and families to better their financial situations, instead of saving millions for large corporations. Outside of the office Anthony has a passion for racing cars. Starting with autocross and track days in 2014, Anthony now runs his own race team in amateur endurance series like Lucky Dog and Champ Car.

Anthony Carrao